Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Do people really pay so little attention?

There have been two stingrays killed and eight others mutilated, presumably as revenge for the death of Steve Irwin.

Do people pay so little attention to what the man was really about behind that goofy wild grin and the heavily accented "Crikey!" that they fail to realize this is the very last thing he would have wanted. And his family, is probably not comforted by it in the least. Did they not read a single news story that said, "peaceful fish", "freak accident", "passionate about wildlife rescue", or "leaves a legacy". And can you really be considered a fan of the man if you do not understand him, his vision or his work? or rather are you just some putz running around using this tragic accident as a reason to torture animals... thus indicating you probably need therapy or psycho analysis before you move on to people.... its hard not to hope a stingray gets one of these morons.

Sad... much more sad that the accident that took Steve Irwin's life. And he is probably sitting next to St. Francis and shaking his head and saying "did I teach them nothing?, did they even listen to me?"

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