Sunday, September 10, 2006

Birthday Cake

I made my son a cake for his birthday. I was thinking about how our tastes change as we age. On wednesday I made a cake for my birthday, for cake and "frosting" it was about 10$ in baking chocolate, three total sticks of butter, six eggs and 3/4 cup of sugar. (flourless cake) I was fabulous.... I took it to a Mommy group.. where other chocolate lovers could enjoy it with me. and I still have quite a bit of it.


But my son wanted a firefighter birthday. (we do family parties, no schoolmates yet) so knowing we wouldnt be have an excess of firefighter decorations or hates and such i made a firetruck cake. All I know about decorating cakes I learned from my Mother, she had taken classes and actually made cakes to sell when I was younger, and everyyear we got to decide what to have on our cake. very little was out of the question. It was one of the great things about birthdays.

So... I thought firetruck how hard can it be?

Honestly.... the hardest part was making the red frosting.... it takes about $5 in red food coloring to get red frosting.... Oy veh.

the rest of it was fun :)




I finished everything but the oreo wheels, candy control and candy lights, and went to bed. The boys helped me finish it the next morning :)


I can take the car door apart to fix the window, but my husband was much more impressed by this.... go figure.

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  1. I'm with the hubby on this one and much more impressed by the firetruck than the car door.Freakin fantastic! I want a dream butterfly for my birthday cake next year, please!

  2. That is a wonderful cake! What a great job. The detail is amazing. What a cool mom you are for making such a great cake for your son. My husband still remembers all the great cakes his mom made for him as a child!

  3. I remember planning what cake we wanted for our birthday was such a big thing when we were little...

    now if i had not forgotten to bake cupcakes earlier today so i wasnt doing it now :P

  4. That's a great cake. I remember my mother did a fire truck for my brother's birthday (about 30 years ago) and she just cut it out of a flat cake. What I remember most was the red food coloring. It was all you could taste!

  5. Thanks :)
    the frosting wasnt to off in taste about half the color was no taste red.. but i resorted to redred when i had to buy more color...i think people can taste red bc it takes so blooming much of it to make the frosting red....
    this venture was engineered from loaf pans .