Sunday, September 24, 2006

120 at least....

Yesterday there where at least 120 monarches in the tree outside... their #'s are increasing... I am beginning to get paranoid they wont leave for Mexico, and they will freeze to death in my yard.... and then from now on all the other butterflies will fly right past and wisper.. "no no dont stop there that was the scene of the frozen death of 2006" I'm weird .. I know it .... if you have read any of the rest of my blog you should know it too...

Yesterday was a nice warm day, and I'm not sure (the butterfies moved to a different tree) it is possible some have left, I have done enough research to know they cant fly if their body temp is below 55degrees, and its been quite chilly while they are here but we have had two or three nice warm sunny days and I was suprised on those days they did not leave.... Unless they snuck off without me seeing and the population here has been rotating since I first noticed them...  I dont know the answers,, and I'm working on not letting the need to know the answers detract from the joy of having these amazing guests in my yard. I do hope thy come back next year.

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