Saturday, August 2, 2008

QotD: Lifestyles of the Rich ~or~ Famous

Would you rather be rich or famous? Why?

Submitted by Chris Vaughn.

Most definitely rich.   I think  sometimes about the things I would be able to do if I had money. Things like helping out a newly divorced friend whose husband did not pay the second half of the years school tuition for their kids, and now she may not be able to enroll the kids for the upcoming year.  I know $ doesn't solve all your problems, but there are plenty of examples where some generous soul has made a heck of a difference in someone else's life, by putting some compassion and cash together.

No contest, being famous is scary.

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1 comment:

  1. I agree I don't want fame it comes at too high a cost but
    rich I would be free to do what I wanted and also hope I could do good things
    with it & help out without anyone ever knowing just me & my bank! I
    could spend my life just doing my art for the sake of art & helping people
    behind the scenes (when ever I could) like a real life fairy godmother I would
    absolutely love that a dream come true! Sad I know but I don't really want much
    from life to quote Spike Milligan "I just want the opportunity to prove
    that money can't make me happy" LoL Seeya hugya *G*