Friday, August 15, 2008

In the Dog House

The dog and one of the kids. I know, I should have checked that he locked the kennel. I didn't.

I went to lock it and I was stopped by the boy who wanted to give the dog a treat. I said "ok, lock the kennel" In typical kid fashion he didn't hear or didn't listen. And while we ran errands and had lunch, the dog removed the trash from every garbage can in the house. And pooped on my bed room floor.

I'm not ever going to win any awards for housekeeping (even if there where such awards) But someone strewing trash all over the house certainly doesn't help.

So, exasperated and annoyed, I had the kids clean it up. I'm such a mean mommy. The whole time they cleaned up the mess they chattered on and on to their imaginary friends.

I wish my imaginary friends would help me do housework.

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  1. I'm such a mean mommy.Go, Mean Mommy! Go!I wish my imaginary friends would help me do housework.Help nothin'. I wish my imaginary friends would do the housework! 8:-)

  2. LOL! Once your imaginary friends have mastered your housework can you send them over to train mine?

  3. Help or Do, I'm not about to look an imaginary gift horse in the mouth!

  4. Not mean mummy at all teaching them the consequences of
    their actions don’t lock the kennel & the dog gets out messes house up YOU
    to clean mess up not mummy!

    If they had locked the kennel as you asked no cleaning up! Too
    many kids mess up & don’t have to clean mess up so don’t learn important

    Actions have consequences some are good some are bad making
    the correct decisions are important! Well done hopefully they will lock the
    door next time! Seeya hugya *G*

  5. I clean up their messes plenty, and I'm trying to get them into cleaning up after themselves, I have a hard enough time keeping up with my own mess, so I need them to learn to help. And I'm tired of picking up after the dog when I mess up, it seemed like a good time to initiate the kids. :)