Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How can it be, that with the technology they have at their diposal, NBC's Olympic coverage is still

LACKING? How?? I realize everyone wants to see their pet sport, and I am no different, I want to see and hear about the equestrian events. Unfortunately, I do not have cable or satellite, and all the coverage for equestrian events is running on Oxygen.

But wait!!! I can watch live streaming video on the internet.. But.. I can't. The live video won't stream, and the the highlight videos wont load correctly. It could be because my computer is 3 years old, or it could be because my internet connection is a verizon wireless card, rather than cable or dsl, neither of which is not available in the country.

I'm incredibly disappointed with the coverage running on my local NBC affiliate. Yes, the coverage of Swimming is fantastic! And the kids and I are excited to see Michael Phelps blasting his way through the medals. I was cheering hard for the mens gymnastics team right up until I fell asleep on the couch, and missed them actually win the bronze medal.  But, would it kill NBC or the commentators to just mention any of the other sports? Or for goodness sake run a freaking ticker across the screen with some information about the rest of the Olympics? If I did not know better I might think the games only consisted of swimming, and gymnastics.

The USA Womens Fencing team swept the medals in individualsabre. It received the barest mention! No replay in the wee hours of the morning. No reshowing of the medal ceremony, where the three flags raised all belonged to the USA. Former President Bush thought is was important to go to the medal ceremony to show his support, and NBC can't be bothered to do more than mention it on their main station?

But, every afternoon we are still treated to Days of Our Lives and  reruns of Rachel Ray and Oprah. 3 hours when NBC could be treating us to highlights from Olympic competitions they did not show or even mention in prime time.

NBC, shame on you. Shame on you for assuming, everyone in the country has access to all your channels and hi speed internet, shame on you for not keeping the coverage on your main channel more diverse and informative, shame on you for not making your website more user friendly, and shame on you for making your program guide a colossal pain to navigate.

Shame shame NBC, you should be doing a better job of covering the whole Olympic games, with the whole USA in mind. Shame on you; shame, shame.

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  1. I would be happy to see the cameras pan out to include an Australian competitor!

  2. That too. I realize that for folks who don't have a pet sport, they don't want to see the competitors from every country, but I doubt that Equestrian fans are the only ones who would like to see the best rides regardless of their team. I was really disappointed with the coverage 4 years ago that only included the medal winning rides, and the best USA rides, and not always all the USA rides, much less anything non-USA and non-Medal winning.I know NBC can do better, and they should.

  3. Hey it's not much better over her in the UK & for some reason Utube & the other streaming channels even with high speed are not that good! I expect that they can't actually handle the amount of people using it! Or that the powers that be are, can't remember the correct term it's either throttling it or choking its when the company deliberately cut the speed on you to stop you using these kind of services. I’m not so fussed by the Olympics but every now & then you might want to watch some thing specific & you can’t so it’s a pain! Seeya Hugya *G*

  4. it's really frustrating for the coverage on the local affiliate to be so lacking, they aren't even mentioning the sports they are showing on other channels.