Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So, it seems most of my pet peaves have to do with driving.

We all have a few pet peaves, its normal to have them. I've been thinking lately and I'd say more than half of mine are driving related. Mostly revolving around reckless, dangerous, or selfish driving. You know the people I'm talking about.

 The people who pass you on the right after you have just passed a semi, because they cant wait for you to get over in the right hand lane at a safe distance.

The people who dodge in and out between cars so they can get caught at the same train crossing as you, just 3 cars ahead.

The people who speed 90 mph down a country road so they don't have to drive the speed limit on the highway where there might be *gasp* a law enforcement agent.

The people who do not turn on their lights with their wipers, despite that it is the law and their grey car is the same color as the pavement and the sky, rendering them practically invisible.

The people who cut you off, making you slam on your brakes hoping the guy behind you does not rear end you, only to see that person dropping off their children at school with yours.

The people who cut across the parking lot, and are pissed off to find you driving down the aisle like you are supposed to, because you are in their way.

Or better yet the people going the wrong way down an aisle or in the entrance or exit who try to squeeze past you when there is barely room for one vehicle, and are equally pissed off to find you in their way.

It boils down to this, my life and the life of my children is worth more than the 5 seconds these people will gain getting to their destination. Isn't yours? I'm appalled that they don't think so, and frightened to be sharing the road with most of them. 

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  1. The people who speed 90 mph down a country roadGuilty on this one (but not to avoid the highway*, I'll drive 90 on that too!). Gotta agree with you on all the others, though.*Around here it seems more likely to encounter law enforcement on the country roads than the highways.

  2. "The people who cut across the parking lot, and are pissed off to find
    you driving down the aisle like you are supposed to, because you are in
    their way."This bothers me so, so much! Mainly because it's just laziness - I mean there is a place for you to be driving and its five feet away! Tapping into my anger with lazy people I'd like to add one to this list:People who park in handicap parking (and crossing areas) - even when there is a regular spot right next to it! - to get their mail.

  3. Yup. I drive an hour each way to and from work. Sounds like a typical commute!

  4. OK OMWord.. I have been gone a couple days and chained to the sewing machine the rest....

  5. It might not bug me so much if it wasn't my road and the worst offeneders are not all of us who live on the road, its the guys who work for the railyard, and the vans who run the crews out to the train to change crews..

  6. The people who park in Handicapped spaces.. I report them if they don't have a tags for it. I have an Uncle who is wheelchair bound and it used to be nothing for me to wrestle around his wheel chair when we went places together, as long as I had enough room to open his car door all the way, I would park anywhere and leave Handicap spots for people who needed them. But not everyone has a younger fit person with them to toss their chair around.

  7. Scary isn't it? I could not stand an hour commute in traffic.. :P

  8. The people who park in Handicapped spaces.. My mother has a handicap tag because of the arthritis in her knees. Some days she can hardly walk. But if we can find a regular space that's very close to the door I park there instead and save the handicap spot for someone else who needs it just as much. If we can't get any spot close to the door at least I can drop her off and then go park the car. Not everyone is that lucky.

  9. I'm one of those people where I don't even care if it's for a second - its the principal of the thing.