Friday, May 2, 2008

If we knew each others secrets what comfort would we find.

That was the final quote on tonight's episode of Criminal Minds. What truth that one small sentence speaks. In our efforts to be normal, or to be perceived as such how many of us hide the very same things as everyone around us? Those things that make  us feel out of place or strange, but are also the same things that when found in another make us soul mates and kindred spirits. Or maybe it isn't an effort to be or appear normal after all, maybe it is only the fear of rejection and ridicule.  It starts when we are so young, that need to be like everyone else, to be liked by everyone else. And even after we are adults and we feel we should be past it, it's their. I have built some wildly strong friendships based on those little secrets.  A college friend and I built a relationship on the simple fact that be both showed up at school to foal-watch* with a car packed full of things to do,  cd players, decks of cards, books, magazines, snacks, (you name it we had it) AND dressed unintentionally alike.  We both left our bevy of stuff in our cars until we saw what the other person had with them. A life long friendship started with something so small. Just a tiny odd secret we shared. I have a couple of friends who are also Moms, friendships that also started with by revealing what we felt where our inadequacies as mothers are, and we had them in common.  Such small simple secrets, and sharing them gave us comfort by revealing that we aren't alone.

If we knew each others secrets what comfort would we find. We would find that we are all keeping them, and they are all similar, and none of us are normal and it is ok. Really it is OK.

*Foal watch consisted of sleeping in the classroom at school and checking on the pregnant mare every hour while waiting for her to give birth.

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  1. Hey there. I linked over from Bokker's blog and I am so glad I did. I find your writing, your sense of self, your particular worldview to be most refreshing. Also, a person with a menagerie like yours has to be worth knowing. :-)

  2. Well thank you! Now I am off to read about you!