Tuesday, February 6, 2007

QotD: Pleasepleaseplease!

What was the one toy you wanted as a kid that your parents never bought you?
Submitted by Princess of Darkness.

a pony.. I know more of a pet than a toy.... but its that one thing .. at least its the one thing I remember.

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  1. YES! So wanted a pony. I had it figured all out. He would live in the postage stamp backyard of our Detroit 'burb home. He would stick his head into my bedroom window to wake me up everymorning. I would ride him to school and all the other first graders would marvel at my horsegirlship skills. A pony.

  2. Well, at least you served them right and got a pony later on! Yay ponies!

  3. my husband let me buy a pony :DI used to think riding it to school would be great, it could have spent the day tied to the jungle gym on the blacktop playground.... or so I thought , then my next plan when I knew a little more was to turn it loose in the field with the sheep behind the church.