Wednesday, May 13, 2009

School Chicks

A few weeks ago I took these two chickens to school to visit the Kindergarten class.

They both got a bath before we went, and dried with the hair drier. One didn't mind and the other seemed to enjoy. I put them in an old rabbit cage together and loaded up an egg carton with a variety of the eggs we get.

I took a couple of the biggest eggs we get, a couple of the smallest, a few pink eggs and peach eggs and some greenies.

I let the kids pass the eggs around and everyone got to pet the chickens, both of whom behaved very well.

I put Thalia the little brown hen in the cage what I fielded questions from the kids and while I was holding Greta, the black and white hen, Thalia laid an egg in the cage. A green egg. She is my green layer.

The kids all got to hold and pass around a fresh laid warm egg. Not a single one of them said it was gross. Not one. It was pretty cool.

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  1. That's awesome you took em to school for the kids.

  2. What a great experience!! We visited friends with 4 year old twins recently and they are just starting to learn where food "really" comes from.