Wednesday, March 12, 2008

House Keeping ADD

So, I started cleaning out the bathroom closet this week, on Monday, I think.. I have way too much stuff, soap, lotion and the like. What prompted this cleaning was my sister is looking to replace the discontinued lipstick she likes the best. So I was looking to see if I had that color or anything close that I don't wear.. and I wear so little make-up that if I have something she likes chances are that I don't use it. (That seems grammatically incorrect, but I don't know why) Not to mention I just jumped ship from regular makeup to BareMinerals. Need to weed out the stuff I wont use.

At any rate, we live in an older house, built in the 1850's and it is far from critter proof. There have been mice in the massive bathroom closet. there are trails in there... Ew. They are such disgusting little creatures, pooping on everything. Ew, ew, ew.  And my word, they have eaten enough soap that the little fiends should be pooping bubbles. Apparently Ivory is their soap of choice, but Dial must be what they eat only in desperation. And Sandlewood!, it must be a "fine after dinner soap", as they have eaten the entire little decorative soap, leaving the barest few crumbs and plastic wrapper.

Ew. So I'm trying to get rid of the things they like, get it out of the house use it up, whatever. but I'm tired of cleaning the closet from hell.very tired. So I moved on to the kitchen. I don't have the will to return to the bathroom closet yet.

And now the kitchen is a mess too... Maybe I'll clean off the dining room table.

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  1. nope not a veggie.. but I'm pretty soft-hearted to, I can t kill the little beggars or empty the traps, but I can take them out and give them to an outside kitty. The indoor Kitty, Smitten, caught two over the winter, one she just played catch and release with, the other she killed and played with the corpse. I finally had to catch the live one and toss it to the outdoor cats, and the same with the dead one I had to throw it out. But the actually killing has to be done by the kitties or the hubby. Our house is pretty cool because of the age it is, the windows have trim on them that is really cool, and the living room was the biggest hardwood floor in the state when it was built. (17' x 24' I think) They used to use the pasture as a cattle stop on the way to the railyard (3 miles east) And they would have dances in the living room.

  2. I hate mices to pieces. Serious phobia. And, try as I will to portray myself as a tough chick... if someone even suggests those filthy rodents to me, I jump on the nearest chair. KLT, you're a lot braver than I.

  3. You should have been around the day the cat caught the mouse and did not kill it... she played with it and dropped it .... and it ran up my pant leg.. twice.. I thought I'd have a heart attack.

  4. I would have fainted. Really. I think I could actually like cats if it weren't for their love of mice. Now roosters... that's a whole different thing. I love roosters!