Saturday, February 16, 2008

a little lost...

My kids have been gone all week.

They went to Walt Disney World with my parents.

You might think the lack of children would be reasons for rejoicing. And really it has had its bight spots, The bathroom stayed clean all week, there is no tooth paste on the sink, no urine on my toilet seat, and no mysterious puddles on my floor.  However, all week, I have felt discombobulated. The first to days the kids where absent I did some major cleaning and tidying so I could have a PartyLite party on Saturday night.  On Sunday Hubby, Neighbor J and I went out to the west side of the property to fix the fence, (On Monday, 2 of the horses got out and Neighbor J's neighbor  put them back in the wrong pasture) We needed to fix the fence so the beasties could go to the right pasture. We came inside watched a movie and had dinner.

Since then I have been alone all week. Quiet is nice. I have been going through piles of magazines so I can throw away and pass along, and declutter my house. I haven't gotten very far. But I have realized how long it takes to really read a magazine and glean out any useful info. Magazines are a time sucker. I dont know that I want to keep going through the pile and just toss the whole pile out. (Or pass them on)  I feel like I accomplished something. But I actually did very little. Maybe I accomplished more by fueling my desire to declutter my life, than by the actual work I did this week.

I want the house to be cleaner, I want to be able to have people over without fear the house will swallow them whole. I want my kids to be able to have friends over. I want our house to be a restful haven, not a chaotic mess.

And I am ready for my tornadoes to come home. :) I'm ready for my cuddles.

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  1. An uncluttered house, peaceful to the soul and the eye. Sounds like heaven. Let me know how you accomplish it with a husband and kids around. ;-)

  2. not staying as uncluttered, but part of it is me tearing apart new places that need cleaned.. the bathroom is a mess and a half!!

  3. discombobulated is one of my favorite words.. I have used the alternate version of discomboobulated when the girls are not in their respective places. like after I have been cleaning the floor, throwing haybales, or riding, and no one is still where they belong. lol :)